Pride and Prejudice

Год: 2010
Автор: Jane Austen
Издательство: Belknap Press
Along with the plays of William Shakespeare and the works of Charles Dickens, Jane Austens novels are among the most beloved books of Western literature. Pride and Prejudice (1813) was in Austens lifetime her most popular novel, and it was the authors personal favorite. Adapted many times to the screen and stage, and the inspiration for numerous imitations, it remains today her most widely read book. Now, in this beautifully illustrated and annotated edition, distinguished scholar Patricia Meyer Spacks instructs the reader in a larger appreciation of the novels enduring pleasures and provides analysis of Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Lady Catherine, and all the characters who inhabit the world of Pride and Prejudice. This edition will be treasured by specialists and first-time readers, and especially by devoted Austen fans who think of themselves as Friends of Jane. In her Introduction, Spacks considers Austens life and career, the continuing appeal of Pride and Prejudice, and…
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